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pathway description

Jordan Media & Communication (JMAC) empowers and prepares students to utilize industry standard technology to communicate and succeed in the Arts, Media, & Entertainment industry sector.  Through JMAC’s high quality integrated curriculum and instruction, students produce compelling content through broadcast television, video animation, filmmaking and photography. In addition, work experience education allows students to gain industry specific skills through internships, college coursework and real world engagement within the Arts, Entertainment and Media industry.

entrance criteria

No entrance criteria.

Students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and current enrollment in Algebra 1 may apply as an Accelerated Scholar.  These students will be enrolled in Accelerated Math and English courses.

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Sample Schedule


This pathway does not require any AP course, but AP Courses are available where indicated

Pathway Elective courses shown in bold

Grade 9

  • Art Foundations 1-2 
  • English 1-2 or 1-2 Accel
  • Algebra 1 or Geometry Accel
  • Biology of the Living Earth
  • Spanish 1-2 
  • PE/Sport
  • Visual and Performing Arts Elective
  • Academic Elective 

Grade 10

  • Digital Art and Imaging 1-2 or Photo and Video 1-2
  • English 3-4 or 3-4 Accel
  • Geometry 1-2 or Algebra 2
  • Chemistry in the Earth's Systems 
  • Modern World History* 
  • Spanish 3-4 
  • PE/Sport
  • Academic Elective* 

Grade 11

  • Digital Art and Imaging 3-4 or Advanced Contemporary Video
  • English 5-6*
  • Algebra 2, Intro to Data Science, Finite Math, Pre-Calculus
  • Physics of the Universe or Science Elective*
  • U.S. History*
  • Academic Elective (Tech Crew, Video Stage Crew, Advanced Stage technology recommended)
  • Academic* or Athletic Elective

Grade 12

  • Digital Art & Imaging 5-6 or Digital Media
  • CSU Expository Reading & Writing Curriculum or English Literature*
  • Pre-Calculus, Intro to Data Science, Finite Math, Calculus*, Statistics*
  • Government/Economics*
  • Academic Elective (Tech Crew, Video Stage Crew, Advanced Stage technology recommended)
  • Academic* or Athletic Elective 

*AP course available in this subject area

Course of Study is subject to change at the discretion of the district.

Work-Based Learning

  • Cherry Hill Film Festival
  • Guest speaker - Angelo Barrera ~ Music Recording Production
  • Barrera Filming and Photography
  • Stage Crew for school and community productions and events

Industry Partners 

  • Stylus Magazine
  • Lee Johnson- League of Modern
  • ACI Pro-Audio
  • G & G Studios
  • Mendenhall Productions
  • Sense Corporation
  • G & G Fencing
  • Heights Chiropractic

For More INformation

For more information about JMAC, contact Valerie Gonzalez, Pathway Coordinator:

(562) 423-1472